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Transform your old concrete floors into durable, decorative floors to be proud of with our Polyaspartic and Epoxy garage floor coatings.

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Have you noticed your unsealed Toronto concrete garage floor cracking all the time?
There is a simple reason for this. Toronto unsealed concrete garage floors tend toward cracks because of the porous nature of concrete. When Toronto's temperature drops in the winter, concrete contracts and pulls apart from itself, forming cracks. The cracks then shift in the summer when the temperature rises and the concrete expands.

There is a very simple solution to this problem and that’s epoxy garage flooring.

Epoxy is a flexible polymer resin (flexible plastic) that when poured over your concrete garage floor, fills in the cracks and seals the porous concrete material so that your garage is protected from the outside elements.

We use high-performance commercial-grade epoxy coatings that are guaranteed to protect your Toronto garage flooring from cracking, chipping, tire marking, staining, and dusting. Because epoxy is slightly flexible and pours like a resin, it allows for natural flex without cracking at the same time, filling existing cracks to create a smooth filled-in floor to be created. For extra peace of mind, we can add an anti-slip agent to the final coat to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Toronto Garage Epoxy FlooringGarage Floors In Toronto
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Concrete floors on their own are strong but porous, making them prone to staining and cracks. When the high-performance epoxy coating is applied over your concrete garage floor, it will act as a bandage, protecting it from cracks, stains, tire marking/lifting, abrasion, peeling and dusting.



Epoxy cures to a seamless, non-porous surface. This means that liquids, dust and dirt cannot soak or get trapped on your floor. Cleaning spills and oil stains are as easy as kid's play, needing just a mop and some mild detergent.



Epoxy coatings form an insulating layer between the cold concrete slab and your garage interior. This stops your garage floor from becoming a solid block of ice in winter. It will finally be possible to access your garage without dressing as going on an Arctic expedition. A well-insulated garage can also make it easier to start your vehicle with less warm-up time in the morning.

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Ready to transform your garage flooring? Upgrade your concrete surface with our high-quality, professional epoxy solutions. Our expert team specializes in concrete grinding and uses 100% solids epoxy for a durable and stunning finish. So whether you're in Toronto, Mississauga, or anywhere in Ontario, request a quote today and let us revitalize your existing concrete into the garage flooring of your dreams.

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Metallic Epoxy Garage Flooring Toronto

Do you want to transform your garage into a piece of art that will make all of your neighbors jealous?

You can just do this with our most decorative epoxy floor coating. The metallic epoxy floor system is one of the thickest and most unique epoxy systems on the market. It consists of epoxy coating mixed with metallic pigments that float through the epoxy while it is curing, resulting in unique shapes and patterns.

A metallic epoxy floor system is great for imitating granite, marble, wood, water and clouds. You can combine a variety of colors on different colored bases to create a floor that is one of a kind and personalized to your style.

Metallic epoxy flooring in Toronto has the same benefits as other epoxy systems, such as easy to clean, durable, hardwearing, long-lasting and resistant to stains and chemicals. Thanks to its thickness it is also great for leveling uneven concrete floors and hiding imperfections.

This epoxy floor system is not only great for Toronto's residential garages but also for dealerships, car showrooms, engine repair shops, auto repair shops and even airplane hangars.

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Installation Process

How we do your Toronto garage floor

For every garage floor we do, we start with mechanically grinding the top layer of the concrete. This is to remove all dirt, grime, oil, and stains from the concrete and to achieve the correct profile for the epoxy to bond with the concrete slab.

We then move to repair any existing cracks, holes and imperfections in the floor. Once we are happy with the look of the concrete slab, we move to apply the first layer of a primer coat, which fills in any remaining cracks and creates a smooth, even floor surface to work with.

We then apply a base coat of epoxy that forms a flexible and well-bonded floor layer. While the layer is still wet, we broadcast the decorative flakes onto the floor. The flakes come in a variety of colors and you can choose from and provide useful traction for an otherwise smooth poured floor.

The last step of your Toronto garage floor is applying a high-performance polyaspartic clear coat that is abrasion and chemical resistant and safe for cars to drive on.

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