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What is Industrial Epoxy Flooring?

Is your concrete flooring crumbling under heavy machinery in your Toronto warehouse or manufacturing facility?

Concrete is strong, but it has weak points where the different joints meet. Heavy machinery such as forklifts can break the integrity of the concrete. Once your concrete starts crumbling, your maintenance costs increase, as you are risking damage to your equipment, goods and staff.

Industrial epoxy flooring Toronto is the best solution for any warehouse, logistic center, manufacturing plant, and food and beverage plants, factories and industrial parks. Epoxy flooring will not only repair your damaged concrete, but with its durability and flexibility, will act as  a barrier, protecting your concrete floors from damage.

At Dream Garage Toronto we supply and professionally install a range of industrial premium epoxy flooring options that meet the hygiene and health regulations for a warehouse and manufacturing environments.

Our floors are designed to stand up to all kinds of heavy traffic, foot or wheeled, to be resistant to impact, stain, moisture, and water, easy to clean, and with implemented slip-resistance.Our seamless industrial epoxy is ideal for all sorts of a warehouse, distribution, and air & ground carrier facilities.

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Benefits Of Industrial Epoxy Flooring Toronto



Look no further than an epoxy coating for long-lasting floors in a Toronto industrial facility. Epoxy flooring is tough because they are made up of a resin and hardener mixture that bonds to freshly prepared, diamond ground concrete and turns it into one. Unlike paint, which is applied in layers, epoxy will chemically adhere to the previous coat, allowing it to withstand the daily assault from forklifts, carts, and pallet chucks.


Easy to Clean

Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and long-lasting, however, all floors require frequent cleaning to keep them in good condition. Because industrial epoxy flooring Toronto is non-porous, liquids, dust, and grime do not sink into the floor, but rather sit on top of it. A dust mop to pick up loose dust and grime, followed by a walk-behind scrubber to bring the epoxy floor back to life, is all you need for an efficient cleaning program.


Improves Safety

When it comes to the industrial sector in Toronto, safety is always a priority. Winter is when you really need a non-slip floor, especially around roller doors and walkways where people are strolling or driving in from the snow. One of the numerous benefits of epoxy flooring is that you can incorporate an anti-slip additive into the epoxy to give the concrete floor coating a touch of grip to minimize slips and falls in certain areas or across the building.

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Concrete Floor Repair Toronto

Repairing your concrete floor hazards is the most important thing you can do for the safety of your employees and to prevent damage to your warehouse or industrial equipment. This is the best and quickest technique to repair your concrete floor with epoxy concrete restoration.

To repair your industrial floor, we use a concrete cutter to cut out the damaged areas, then use a jack hammer to chip away at the broken concrete. We next sweep off the debris and vacuum the repair clean, then prime it with epoxy resin once we have a beautiful clean substrate. After priming the concrete repair, we make epoxy mortar by mixing epoxy resin with dry kiln sand or quartz sand. This is then troweled into the concrete repair, flush with the original floor edges.

Concrete epoxy mortar cures to a hardness of 3 times that of concrete, making it the ideal robust and long-lasting option. This can be done on its own or, better yet, before applying an industrial epoxy floor coating.

Give us a call to learn more about how epoxy mortar can help you repair and save money on equipment maintenance.

Concrete Repair In TorontoConcrete Repair In Toronto
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